About Us



The mind looks for something new. The heart longs for the old. 

LIFE is a blend of both!! 


Basket56.com aims to enrich body, mind & spirit through its unique lifestyle offerings. Through these, we endeavour to

  • compliment a balanced lifestyle 
  • improve health & wellness 
  • re-connect to culture & heritage 
  • re-discover tradition 
  • promote indigenous offerings
  • contribute to society
  • do our bit in making you smile :) 
  • & become a part of your life!


The current products categories are beverages, health and wellness, and personal care. We will soon be adding on additional categories for a wider range of offerings to include ready to eat products, home & lifestyle products, traditional & ethnic clothing and accessories, artefacts and other speciality products. 


We carry a mix of products that we are passionate about and also encourage our visitors to suggest products of interest so that we may source them. We wish to build a product range that compliments LIFE. In today’s fast paced age and with our modern lifestyles, we tend to ignore many aspects of our life and of things around us. Our goal is to make products available that contribute to a healthier and happier life.